When we install your carpet or wood flooring, we do it right.

carpet installation in Parker imageWhen we install carpet, we use a power carpet stretcher instead of a knee kick device to ensure that your carpet is tight and flat. Carpet installed in this fashion is less likely to wrinkle or buckle. We also give you a one-year warranty on our installation so if the carpet actually does wrinkle during that time, we’ll come back and restretch it for free.

When we install wood flooring, we make sure the seams are snug, the wood pattern is aligned correctly with the room, that end seams are properly staggered, and that there is an adequate gap around the edge of the floor so when the wood expands during warm or humid weather, it will not buckle.

Carper Installation in Parker imageWe also consider the surface over which the wood will be installed. Is it concrete on grade or a plywood subfloor above an unfinished crawl space? Well, that will probably be damp so we install a vapor barrier to help eliminate the chances of mold or warping. Is there a heating system in the floor? That calls for a floating floor so that nails don’t puncture a water pipe or break an electric line.

We make sure that the feeling you have when your wood floor is first installed is one you will have for many years to come.