Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning in Parker Colorado 2The cleaning machines you can rent use a soap-based cleaner which leaves a residue on the carpet. Dust and stains find this residue a perfect surface on which to attach themselves, making your carpet look dirty again in virtually no time at all.

At DelMar Carpet Cleaning, we use only the highest quality products that are safe for your family, pets and carpet. We appraoch each project with integrity. The fact is that different stain elements react differently on different fibers, and stains may or may not be able to be removed safely from all surfaces.

Delmar Carpet Cleaning uses a special solvent that not only extracts a greater amount of dirt than the soap-based cleaners, but also greatly reduces the amount of residue left on a carpet. Your carpets stay looking cleaner and smelling fresher for a much longer time.

The Colorado weather can bring a range of elements, in a short period of time. Tracking in mud, dirty snow or road salts is easy to do. That’s why we make it easy to remove these and other stains so that your home stays show-home clean.