Carpet Education

Parker Flooring imageNot all carpets are created equal.

Two carpets may appear the same but their quality and wear-ability are completely different. Because of our knowledge of construction and fiber, we can help you choose between similar carpets to get the best one for your budget, lifestyle, and situation.

Should you choose carpet or a wood floor? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each one? What will you need to do to keep your flooring looking like new? We can answer all those questions. You may think that with kids and pets, carpet is out of the question. With the proper care of regular vacuuming and dirt extraction, it doesn’t have to be. Wood flooring is beautiful, but pet claws can scratch it and extremely heavy furniture can dent it. Still, caring for a wood floor can sometimes be easier than caring for a carpet.


Cost is often a determining factor in a flooring purchase. Some people purchase an inferior product because of the cost only to find out it needs replacing in a year or two because it just didn’t hold up. Sometimes spending a little more in the beginning will save you money in the end.

Carpet Elegance helps our customer by letting them know the life-expectancy of the flooring they are considering so they can make the best choice. Once a flooring is chosen, we can often beat our competitor’s prices by as much as 35%.

Our goal is to get you the lowest price possible without shorting you on quality. Let us help you save hundreds of dollars on your flooring investment.

Tap into Don’s immense carpet and flooring knowledge base to get the best advice for your home or business needs.